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Thinking of starting or operating a business in Didsbury? All businesses operating in Didsbury require a Town of Didsbury business license as per Bylaw 2012-08. When obtaining your business license you have the option to join the Town of Didsbury's online business directory which provides you free advertising for your business.
2020 Business Licenses can now be renewed at the Didsbury Town Office. Renewal notices have been mailed out to all current businesses. Please contact Phil Boucher ( or by calling 335-7733 with any questions.
Business License Bylaw 2012-08
All business owners are responsible for investigating and obtaining all required permits. To determine what permits you need, you can use the easy online service tool called BizPaL
BizPaL is an innovative project that provides entrepreneurs with simplified access to the information on permits and licences that they need to establish and run their businesses. This unique partnership among federal, provincial, territorial, regional and local governments is designed to cut through the paperwork burden and red tape that small business owners encounter. 
Business License Fees & Forms
Business Category License Fee After July 1 (only new)

Resident - Commercial/Industrial $100 Per year                    $60
Resident - Home Occupation $125 per year  $75
Non-Resident $150 per year $100
Contractor License $350 per year $350
Pedlar: Offers 

merchandise for sale on the $125 per year $125
street or door to door sales

Business License Application Form
Home Occupation Application Form  
In addition to requiring a Town of Didsbury business license, the Government of Alberta may require provincial licensing and registration depending on the type of business. For more information that may apply to your business, please visit Service Alberta.

NOTE: A Provincial Business License does not replace or exclude businesses from obtaining a Town of Didsbury Business License.