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Sustainability in Didsbury
On December 16, 2008 the Town of Didsbury adopted the Town of Didsbury Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). This plan was developed to identify long range visions for the community.
What is Sustainability?
Following the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992, the term ‘sustainability’ came into popular use. The term addresses the fact that environmental, economic, social, cultural, and governance issues are linked rather than independent of each other.
These five elements are commonly referred to as the Pillars of Sustainability. Recently a book was published in the United States of America with over 175 definitions of sustainability. The Town of Didsbury has accepted that sustainability is most often described as: 
"Development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” 
Since the Town adopted the ICSP it has launched initiatives and events and developed policies to help bring Didsbury closer to its vision. Below are links to the ICSP, examples of Town initiatives and tips for how you can contribute too. 
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