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Heritage Conservation
Didsbury is a community rich in history. Take a walk through the streets of town and you will be delighted by the beautiful architecture of the good old days.
Stroll through historic downtown Didsbury where plaques on many of the buildings tell a story of Didsbury's past. Take special notice of Didsbury's three Provincial Historic Resources: Canada Pacific Railway Station, the Red Brick School, and the Hiebert Residence.
With assistance from our provincial funding partner, the Municipal Heritage Partnership Program (MHPP), Didsbury is undertaking a comprehensive approach to identifying, evaluating and managing the historic resources located in our community.
In 2010, we reached an important milestone in heritage conservation by completing our Heritage Survey. This survey, which focused primarily on the Central Core Heritage Plan area, identified 136 sites of potential heritage value including commercial buildings, residences, and churches. The Town contracted the services of Heritage Collaborative Inc. to complete the Heritage Survey.
In 2011, once again with the assistance of Heritage Collaborative Inc., developed a Heritage Inventory which will focus on 25 sites previously identified in the Survey. The inventory is a more detailed list of sites which have the most historical significance to our community, and is a valuable step in the process of designating historic resources. The Heritage Inventory has been completed and approved by Council on June 26, 2012. Both the Survey and Inventory can be added to over time.
Most recently we developed the Didsbury Heritage Management Plan, that guides the management of our historic resources including the process for designating Municipal Historic Resources. Two properties have been designated so far: