Living Here

Designed to provide preventative social programming within our local community, Didsbury FCSS offers a number of services within the community: grant dollars to community non-profit groups, information and referral services at Didsbury Neighborhood Place, short-term family and marriage counseling, volunteer support and recognition and a variety of guest speakers throughout the year.
Each year, Didsbury FCSS provides grants to non-profit community groups that meet the eligibility requirements set forth through the FCSS mandate. Grants are provided on a quarterly basis: March, June, September, and December. 
Now accepting 2018 FCSS Funding Applications. This application will be due by November 24, 2017. To access the Funding Application please visit www.mountainviewcounty.ca.

For more information on FCSS grants, please contact Jolene Sanford at Didsbury Neighbourhood Place at 403.335.8719 or by emailing her at jsanford@didsbury.ca
Community Groups funded by Didsbury FCSS in 2017 include:
Accredited Supports to the Community
Chinooks Edge School Division
Chinook Arch Victim Services Society
Didsbury PreSchool
Mountain View Communities Adult Learning Society
Mountain View Emergency Shelter Society
Shalom Counselling Centre of Alberta
Didsbury Out of School Care
FCSS Brochure
Didsbury Circle of Supports