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Cat Traps
October 15, 2014 
Dear Residents,                                        

As we are all aware, temperatures have begun to dip below 0 during the evenings. Due to fall weather beginning to make its way into Didsbury, humane cat trapping is no longer permitted within the Town for the safety of the cats (stray or domestic). We ask that if you own your own cat trap to please refrain from using them during this time. The risk of exposure injuries during this time frame is greatly increased when the temperatures fall below 0 degrees celsius. We thank you for your cooperation and if you have any further questions regarding this, please contact the Town of Didsbury Animal Control at 403.335.7727. 

The Town of didsbury has three cat traps available for lease to Town Residents for the trapping of cats.
Residents who lease the traps MUST abide by Town of Didsbury Policy #2006 Trapping of Cats. A $100.00 deposit is required payable by cheque or by cash, and will be returned once the trap is returned to the Town in good working condition.
Cat traps are typically leased out on a regular basis so there is no guarantee of obtaining a trap the same day you request one. If a trap is not available your name will be put on a waiting list. When a trap becomes available you will be contacted by the Animal Control Officer. Be advised that if residents choose to use their own cat trap, they are required to follow the same guidelines as those set out in the above-noted policy. Please remember that the cats being trapped are very likely someones pet and all of them deserve to be treated humanely.
The Town of Didsbury is a proud supporter of the Wild Rose Humane Society.