Town Planning

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Town Council has adopted plans that guide development in the Town of Didsbury. The plans are listed in a hierarchal order:
Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF)
An agreement between the Town of Didsbury and Mountain View County for distribution of revenue and expenses for services shared between Town and County residents. 

Inter-municipal Development Plan
The Inter-municipal Development Plan is a land-use planning tool prepared jointly by the Town of Didsbury and Mountain View County. It provides a cooperative and coordinated policy approach to land use planning for fringe areas deemed common to both municipalities.
Integrated Community Sustainability Plan
The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan provides a dynamic long-range vision for the progress of the Town of Didsbury.
Municipal Development Plan
The Municipal Development Plan outlines how land will be used and guides future growth and change within the Town of Didsbury.
Land Use Bylaw
The Land Use Bylaw establishes the regulations of how land may be developed in the Town of Didsbury.
Central Core Heritage Plan
The Central Core Heritage Plan identifies architectural guidelines, landscaping features, pedestrian connections, and improvements to parking and public systems that will help to strengthen the quality of Didsbury’s downtown environment.

Downtown Didsbury Design Guidelines
These guidelines form an important part of the Central Core Heritage Plan.

Area Structure Plans
Area Structure Plans provide a framework for subdivision and development for a specific area of land. The following Area Structure Plans/Neighbourhood Structure Plans have been adopted by Town Council.

East Area Redevelopment Plan
An Area Redevelopment Plan for the lands located along 19 Street and 20 Avenue east of the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks.

Town of Didsbury Recreation Plans

In January 2022, Town Council approved the final version of the Mountain View Regional Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, the culmination of a year-long process that saw significant community input, research and best practice identification to help guide the future of parks, recreation and culture in both our region and our community. This plan will be utilized by Council to help inform their decisions around investment in parks, recreation and culture for years to come.