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Business Licensing

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Congratulations! We are excited that you chose Didsbury for your new, continued or expanded business venture. Your success is our success and customer service is important to us! If, at any time, you require information about the area or would like access to more resources in order to reach your goals and objectives, we are here to go the extra mile! Below are some of the items to be considered when starting or relocating: 

  1. Location
  2. Do you need a development permit?
  3. Do you have a business plan?
  4. Explore our website for resources and tools to determine target market & trends
  5. Are you connected – are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce?
  6. Do you have all pertinent documents to operate your business?
  7. Have you utilized all sources available to get the word out, including a sales pitch on the business directory (see Welcoming Program & Chamber of Commerce website?)
  8. The answers to your questions are just one phone call or e-mail away. The Economic Development Team will walk you through the process, doing their very best to set you up for success by connecting you with pertinent information.
  9. If you are renewing your license, please ensure that your details on the Business Directory are complete and correct and that you have a sales pitch on the directory.
  10. If your current business needs any assistance due to the pandemic or otherwise, please contact the Economic Development Team at or at (403) 818-1892.

Welcoming Program  

Is your business brand new?  Are you planning a re-opening? Do you have a storefront? 

Let us know your opening day and we would be happy to bring the scissors to help you celebrate your ribbon cutting. Mayor and Council will be invited (pending availability – otherwise Town’s Admin leadership officials will take their place). Moreover, we will take photos and ensure they are posted on all of our social media channels. In the event that a ribbon cutting is not possible, we will be happy to post a "Welcome to Didsbury" announcement  via our social media channels, as well as a mention in our quarterly newsletter (starting in March).

Why is a Business License Important?

Businesses owners in Didsbury, or individuals providing a service within the Town boundaries, are required to obtain a business license as per Bylaw 2012-08. Annual Business Licenses are valid from January 1 to December 31 and annual renewals are due on the 1st of January. 

If you are a contractor or a seasonal business, there are other licensing, daily and monthly options available. 

See various business categories and payment schedules below and fill out your business license application accordingly.

A business license tells your customer that you are legitimate and credible 

In today’s world, many scammers are taking revenue away from legitimate and responsible businesses. In showing your customers that you have a business license, you showcase that you have all the required licenses and are permitted to operate within our Town limits. Furthermore, as an annual business license holder you will be listed on our Business Directory. This is a free advertising opportunity for you, so make sure all details on the directory are correct and that you have a sales pitch in the description!

We will also distribute information to our residents and potential customers regarding our business directory to instill confidence in our business sector.

Some businesses operating within the Town of Didsbury may also require a Development Permit or a Home Occupation Permit in conjunction with their business license application. 

Your money at work - What are the fees utilized for?

The Town uses the fees for various initiatives:

  1. Marketing Didsbury, and with that our businesses in the region and beyond;
  2. Business assistance connecting you to available resources;
  3. Assistance with business plans; site selection; business retention and expansion;
  4. Research and communicating news, trends and updates assuring businesses are aware of the current economic environment. Particularly amplified by the current pandemic;
  5. Development of programs, training and network opportunities in collaborations with other organizations;
  6. Development of marketing and promotional material, social media campaigns for #shoplocal and #shopDidsbury; 
  7. Keeping our Economic Development website up to date and driving traffic and customers to Didsbury; Annual business license holders will be listed in our business directory for free (make sure you have a compelling message to your customer on our directory).
  8. Providing an official certificate of your business license.
  9. Providing a quarterly Newsletter and the opportunity to advertise and promote your business (additional fees may apply).

Planning on opening a new business?

Check out BizPal for information on everything you'll need to start up, including licenses, permits and more! BizPal is a collection of information assembled by the Province of Alberta which tells prospective business owners what information they will need from all levels of government. 


Business CategoryLicense FeeAfter July 1 (only new)
Resident - Commercial/Industrial$100 Per year                   $60
Resident - Home Occupation$125 per year $75
Non-Resident$150 per year$100
Contractor License$350 per year$350
Pedlar: Offers, Door-to-Door, Street Sales, Etc.$125 per year$125

Payments for business licenses can be made online through e-transfer or via e-gov by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). 

Paying online options – your safety is our priority

Option 1. Submit the total payment amount by e-Transfer to When submitting an e-Transfer please include your CUSTOMER # in the ‘message’ section of the transfer form. Keep a screen shot image of your confirmation number for your records.

Option 2.  To pay with MasterCard or Visa, use E-Gov 24/7 Online Service and follow the instructions. 

Late Payments (February 1, 2022 onwards):

All business licenses are subject to Bylaw 2012-08

The first 100 businesses that renew in January will have the opportunity to be highlighted on our Town of Didsbury Economic Development social media or our quarterly Economic Development Newsletter, starting in March!

NOTE: A Provincial Business License does not replace or exclude businesses from obtaining a Town of Didsbury Business License.

Business Classification Categories 

Business Licensing Forms 


Complete the business license application online.

Upon renewal, you can either pick up your new business license in person at the Town Office (1606-14th Street) or we can mail the license to you via Canada Post. Please ensure you indicate the mailing address for your license, as your Business License needs to be displayed at Service location, i.e. if you are a franchise that has headquarters located elsewhere.

Please indicate your preference on your application form.

NOTE: A Provincial Business License does not replace or exclude businesses from obtaining a Town of Didsbury Business License.

Don’t miss out! Be one of the first 100 to renew your business license on time and have the opportunity to be highlighted on our Town of Didsbury Economic Development social media or our quarterly Economic Development Newsletter, starting in March!

For any questions, more information or if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your business or business license in Didsbury further, please contact the Economic Development Officer at 403-818-892 or via e-mail at