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Community Grant Program

The Community Grant Application process is now CLOSED for 2024

** Please Note that the policy has been updated. Please carefully review the updated policy for important information regarding eligibility and application guidelines.**


  • The 2024 Community Grant Program has $30,000 available
  • Applications are accepted until May 15, 2024


The Community Grant Program governs grants to local organizations and events. There are two categories:

  • Community Grant Program—funding for community based organizations/groups/clubs and/or community festivals or events
  • Facility Rental Discounts—50% waiver of rentals of Town of Didsbury operated facilities

Funding for grants under this program is contingent on the approval of the Operating Budget by the Town of Didsbury Council.

The Community Grant Application Form (Schedule A) must be completed in advance of the specific project, program, event or service. Funding allocations under the Community Grant Program shall not be retroactive. All grant applications under the Town of Didsbury Community Grant Program must be completed in full and submitted using this application form (below).

Organizations/groups/clubs and community festival/event organizers that operate within the Town of Didsbury, and/or offer a benefit to the residents of Didsbury through local initiatives, shall be considered for Community Grant funding.

Preference will be given to organizations that demonstrate community support, effective use of resources, and other sources of funding, and develop volunteer knowledge, skills, and self-reliance.

There will be one (1) in-take of grant applications per year, with a deadline of May 15. Applications will be accepted after the intake deadline. However, funding will be contingent on Community Grant funds being available.

Didsbury Community Grant funding is not intended to support staff, salaries, or wages.

The Town of Didsbury Community Grant Program provides funding to community groups and organizations that provided valuable programs and services to our community. 

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