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Bylaws & Policies

There are a number of ways to request that Town Council consider a Bylaw or Policy:

  • Through a Delegation Request, you can arrange to speak to Town Council at a Council meeting and ask that they give consideration to passing a Bylaw or Policy. Click HERE to complete a Delegation Request.

  • You may submit a letter to Town Council that will be reviewed under the "correspondence" section of the Agenda requesting that Town Council gives consideration to passing a Bylaw or Policy.

    Please note: Information/correspondence addressed to Town Council members or any of Council's Boards and Committees may become part of the public record unless the written direction is received requesting otherwise. This means that your personal information will be available to both the public (at the meeting and on the Internet) and the media unless you specifically request that it not be made available.

  • You can petition Town Council to pass a Bylaw or Policy. There are very strict legal requirements that must be met for petitions. The Municipal Government Act sets out legislative requirements that will ensure that the requirements of the Municipal Government Act are being met prior to obtaining signatures.

There are many different Bylaws and Policies in place to assist the residents of Didsbury. Below is a list of frequently used Bylaws and Policies for easy access. If you are looking for a Bylaw or Policy that is not on this list, please contact the Town Information Line at 403-335-2030 or email to obtain a copy. These documents are for information purposes only and the Town of Didsbury is not responsible for any alterations. 

The Town of Didsbury, through Bylaw, sets rates and fees for goods and services offered by the Town. For excerpts from relevant bylaws, see here.

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