Demographic Profile

Demographic Profile

Talented and skilled workforce development

By aligning the needs of local businesses and production companies with nearby post-secondary institutions and training programs, we are creating a talent pool of skilled community members that will be able to assist our investors and businesses in succeeding. 

Our Target Market

Our fastest and biggest growing market and attraction has been coming from the film and movie production industry. Didsbury’s historic downtown is the number one location in Central Alberta for small town production sets and this alone has contributed to many local success stories for local businesses. 

The filming industry is amongst our biggest target markets and we are looking to expand, not just locally, but through regional collaboration to attract international production companies as well as businesses that cater to this supported and fast growing industry.

In addition, we are capitalizing on our health and wellness sector, which is perfect for businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs wanting to expand into this market. 

Manufacturing is one of our highlighted industries as well. There are still a few lots in our current business park available and, with annexation, this brand new area will provide more opportunities for you to choose a location for your business and operations; including an area for bigger storefronts.

Finally, our downtown has many opportunities to build new or expand with new concepts, unique retail ideas, arts and artisans, and eateries and more. Have an idea for a downtown anchor that will attract visitor and residents alike? Talk to us!

Contact the Economic Development Team today to discuss any of your business ideas and …