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The Town of Didsbury applied for grant funding from TD Bank's Friends of the Environment Foundation and was generously award the funds to bring a really exciting project to fruition!

Introducing, Didsbee Santuary!

 In June, the Town of Didsbury welcomed two hives full of buzzing honey bees! Along with the arrival of the honey bees, we will be implementing an immersive ad educational experience for Didsburians to enjoy at Didsbury Memorial Park. 

Did you know that bees pollinate over one-third of food we eat? Learn more about why bees are so important to our community and the planet at

Stay tuned to our Town of Didsbury social media channels and this webpage for exciting news coming soon regarding this amazzzzing initiative!

Thank you to TD's Friends of the Environment Foundation for generously allowing us to make this idea a reality!


Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement with focus on enhancing green space. For more information on this initiative, visit

Are you ready to BLOOM in 2022, Didsbury?! 
Head over to the Didsbury Communities In Bloom official Facebook page to stay up to date on all the fun activities and events happening in Didsbury for Communities in Bloom! Make sure you stick around by liking and following the page for some important updates, and upcoming initiatives that YOU and your family can get involved in. 


Noxious species are species that landowners must control to prevent from spreading. These non-native species are already widely distributed in Alberta that have a significant economic or ecological impact and can spread easily from existing infestations onto adjoining properties. Relatively easily controlled in small numbers, they can become unmanageable if left uncontrolled and can have a significant impact when abundant.

For a list of noxious weeds & prohibited noxious weeds that can be found within Mountain View County and the Town of Didsbury, visit

Open Spaces Asset Management Plan  

Outdoor Spaces serve the community in its entirety. Parks, Playgrounds, and Pathways are community spaces that promote healthy lifestyles, attract tourism and investment, and foster a socially-coherent community.  

In 2021, the Town of Didsbury received a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (Federal Government) through the  Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) to:

  • Obtain accurate and detailed inventory listing for Outdoor Space assets 
  • Evaluate the condition of each asset within the inventory listing
  • Assess the risk of failure of each asset within the inventory listing
  • Prepare preventative maintenance and replacement plans for Open Space assets

The primary objectives of the Open Spaces Asset Management Plan are to maintain the current level of service that Outdoor Space assets provide, ensure the safety of all users of the Open Space assets, and establish fiscally responsible plans to maintain and replace Open Space assets accordingly. 

See the 2023 - 2028 Open Spaces Asset Management Plan here