Requests for Proposals & Tendering

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Click HERE to read the Town of Didsbury's policy on Tendering and Proposals. 


Notice: Request for Qualified Contractors

The Town of Didsbury is seeking service proposals for the following:

1. Asphalt preservation – crack fill, spray patch, small mill and overlay, seal coat, etc. 

2. Asphalt rehabilitation – remove existing asphalt and haul to Public Works, remove/replace/re-compact subgrades, reinstall asphalt, replace pavement markings, etc

3. Concrete preservation – grinding, mud/foam jacking, crack repair, etc

4. Concrete rehabilitation – remove and dispose of existing sidewalk/concrete, repair subgrades, reinstall concrete, asphalt restoration, landscape restoration, etc.

5. Tree branch mulching – periodic mulching services are required to turn branches into usable mulch.  Branch bin is located at the Public Works facility. This service is anticipated to be needed bi-weekly during the spring, summer, and fall.

6. Landscaping – large area mowing (rough cut), culvert and ditch cleaning, small project repair/loaming/seeding, small planting projects (shrubs/mulching/ornamental plants)

7. Plumbing & HVAC - repairs and maintenance activities.

8. Electrical - repairs and maintenance activities.

Qualified contractors are encouraged to submit 2022 unit rate pricing and corporate details for review to