Property Taxes

2024 Taxation Notices were mailed in May 2024

Your property taxes are due June 30, 2024

Those residents on the payment plan are still on the T.I.P.P (tax installment payment plan), and do not require any further action now.

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact the Tax Department at 403-335-7724.

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What is a Tax Certificate?

This is a document that shows:

  • Legal Information
  • Tax Information
  • Outstanding Tax Charges
  • Assessment Information
  • Current Title Holder
  • Utility Information
  • Outstanding Utility Charges
  • Summary of Accounts
  • Preauthorized Payment Plan
  • Notes with additional information


What is the cost of a certificate?

  • The fee is $35.00 and this fee is subject to change as outlined in the Corporate Services Rates & Fees Bylaw


How do I obtain a tax certificate?

A certificate may be ordered online through our EGOV Portal (must be set up prior to accessing the Portal, see here).

Payment for the certificate must be made at time of ordering. There are several options for payment:

  • at the Town Office front counter VISA, Debit, MasterCard or cash (1606 14 St )
  • Online by VISA or MasterCard only (EGov)
  • A law firm may request a certificate and pay by cheque (a copy of the cheque issued for the requested certificate must be included with the request)

Set Up for Access to the EGOV PORTAL

  • Contact the tax department with your contact information Email here
  • An email address is required to send the certificates to 


Note: when ordering a tax certificate online do not click the “ON ACCOUNT” button as this is not active. Use the dropdown menu to select credit cards.

The municipality's tax assessment breakdown shows that the majority of the assessment consists of residential property. Approximately 88% of the Town of Didsbury tax roll is considered residential. Compared to 11% of the assessment classified as non-residential, which includes both commercial and industrial property, as well as linear assessment. The portion of the assessment classified as machinery and equipment makes up 6% of the tax roll. In the Town of Didsbury, the total value of land and buildings is over 477 million dollars. According to Alberta Municipal Affairs, the average equalized tax assessment in Alberta is made up of approximately 75% residential, 20% non-residential, and 5% other categories (linear, machinery, and equipment).

Your taxes are based on the assessed value of your house and the tax rate set by Town Council. You won't know if your taxes have increased until your assessment has been completed and the tax rate has been set.

Your total property tax is made up of a municipal levy, a provincial education levy, and a senior's housing levy. The municipal, provincial education and senior's housing levy are based on the assessed market value of your property. For municipal taxes, each properties' assessed value is divided by 1,000 and multiplied by the tax rate to determine that property's municipal tax levy. The tax rate is set each year by Town Council. Please click the following link for the Tax Rate Bylaw.

Municipal tax + Provincial Education tax + Seniors Housing tax = Your Property Taxes. The Provincial Government sets the education levy and the municipality is required to collect this tax on behalf of the province